Wednesday, May 27, 2009

French Revolution: From french fries to french kiss

Sometimes I wonder if french were really innovative in doing things ? or is it just the world which has given the names. We get to see so many things associated with french which are also popular all over the world.
French FriesFrench ToastFrench Beard
and finally
French Kiss - Surely popular all over the world :d

Future of Ice cream in Pakistan - and electric loadshedding

With summer approaching in Pakistan , and getting ready for another summer of load shedding and tear shedding !
It seems that this time around the loadshedding schedule would be 24 hours electricity - straight24 hours load shedding - straight.
In short you will have electricity every alternate day !cheers !
With country already starved for electricity, the majorly hit business would be ICE CREAM !Ice creams require to be kept in a deep freezer at all times , and with no electricity and high tempterature , they ought to melt quickly !
Hence the buyer wont be willing to buy a melt up ice cream - and that too in scortching temperatures !
Ice creams, like all other businesses are bound to be effected in a big way !
Tearshedding with loadshedding :)

Number of school going days in Pakistan / Karachi

Noticing the number of school going days in Pakistan, ( more relevantly in Karachi ) it seems that there are no more than 120 school going days for school students. This shows the state of our education and the importance of school.Just calculate it how
Total number of days in a year : 365
Total number of saturday and sundays [52 Sundays and 52 Saturday] : 104Summer vacation holidays [if schools are to open from 15th august] : 75Winter vacation holidays : 15Eid ul Fitr Holidays: 4Eid ul Adha holidays: 4Miscellaeous / other gazetted holidays: 20Strike / Rain / riot holidays [avg]: 5Exam days [ calculated as 7 days exams per semester / 2 semesters]: 14
Total number of [non academic] days: 241
365 - 241 = 124
So in reality the students are studying only for 124 days -

Presidential Security for the SriLankan Cricket Team

It is said that that Pakistani government and the Pakistan cricket board promised VVIP security, same that is given to the president of Pakistan, to the Srilankan cricket team.If this is the security for the president of Pakistan, then God save president of Pakistan from being assasinated in the middle of the street.Having my office on main Sh-e-faisal, I get to see and notice the security measures taken whenever president is in the city.Police force is deployed from the morning, no matter at what time the president has to pass the road.They are deployed on every street leading to the main sh-e-faisal. Rangers and police personnel are deployed at every few meters on each side of the road and on the islands. Traffic is stopped from coming to the roads some 20 - 30 minutes before the president is expected to pass the road.And when finally the president passes the road, his motorcade includes at least 2 dozen vehicles of different sort.With at least 8 police mobile vans, 2 ambulances, vehicles of the elite commandoes, traffice police bikes, and mobiles and various other vehicles.This is the security measures I have seen over the years that are being given to the president of Pakistan be it ex-President Musharraf or now President Zardari.The claim of giving high profile VVIP security to the Srilankan team do not prove to be correct.Its time for the government and agencies to deliver what they promise else even head of states would not be willing to visit Pakistan, let alone a sporting team.

Load shedding and role of generator in Pakistan.

The sentence (which translates into) "switch on the generator" are so very commonly used in our country and household that the word "genetut" (read generator) was among the first few words of my child.A child is bound to pick up words which are more frequently spoken in front of him, and surely the word "generator" is being used an average 6 times a day.Yet again its time to "switch on the generator"

Are hotels really "home away from home" ?

Whenever one visits another city, or country he usually has to get an accomodation in a hotel.Be it big 7 start hotels or small motels.
Almost all hotels, would boast about their qualities and how they would make you comfortable and how you can feel it as "home away from home"
Let take any average hotel in to consideration. I really dont think that hotels are "home away from home" they are no way near.
What I can really think and say about these hotels are that they leave no stone unturned to charge their customer.
For instance, all moderate hotels have a mini bar in the room, which usually contains drinks, water and snacks. Which are higly over priced.In actual the real mini bar cost would not be more than US$ 10.00 ( PKR 1000 )
Do we really need to buy over priced stuff for our "home away from home" ?Wouldnt it be nice that hotels would offer 1 free mini bar ? (at least for customers staying a certain number of nights ) like 1 free mini bar for a stay of 3 nights ?
And then the price of the laundary if you use hotel laundary service ? too very over priced.and then the price for using internet in the hotel ? over priced again.
are hotels really "home away from home " ?
For me , always look out for HOTELS, HOSPITALS and get the service when you pay.No payment no service - what may come .

Earth Hour Pakistan ?

Many countries thru out the world observed earth hour by switching off lights for an hour.We the people of Pakistan observe "earth hours" every day for as long as 12 hours a day, thanks to our electric supply companies.
While many people in Pakistan also followed in the footstep of observing earth hour, it makes no sense for people of Pakistan to observe earth hour as we do it almost on daily basis thru out the year.
It would be suitable if we observe "electricity hours" and see how long the electricity stays before it takes us back to "earth hour"
We have been observing earth hour for a long while and the world has just woken up to it ?

Pakistan stripped of cricket world cup and players

Pakistan Cricket Board, sidelined the Pakistani ICL players by not selecting them in the Pakistani cricket team, on the pressure of Indian Cricket Board, as Pakistan did not want the relationship between Pakistan and India to be detoriated on the cricketing front.Now since India has started sidelining Pakistan on International front by not taking any Pakistani umpire or Pakistani players in the IPL and by not favoring Pakistan in the upcoming worldcup, it will be feasible for Pakistan to include ICL Players in the pakistan squad and to lift all the restrictions on them.We have always bowed to foreign pressure, be it be our government or our sports bodies, sidelining our own people and talent.We are already been sidelined by the International cricket community. First the ICC champions trophy, then the world cup has been taken away from Pakistan. Teams are not willing to play in Pakistan.What more worse could happen to Pakistan cricket board if they include the ICL players ? It is time that we should accept our players with open arms as both the cricket board and players have become a victim.

Pakistan Afghanistan Border and USA Mexico Border

According to recent news stories a bulk of the weapons in mexico are smuggled in from the USA and bulk of drugs, around 90%, are smuggled from mexico to the USA.According to figures given by the International Boundary and Water Commission, USA Mexico border is 3169 Kms, which is mainly plain land and water with no mountaineous borders.Whereas Pakistan Afghanistan durand line is 2640 Kms, which is all mountaineous area.If USA cannot control drug and weapon smuggling from its border which is mainly plain land and having an effective satellite and patrolling and border agencies, how can USA expect Pakistan to control insurgency from its Afghanistan border ?Pakistan share a mountaneous border with Afghanistan, which is relatively impossible to mointor and control, while USA has it self failed to control the smuggling of weapons and drugs from its mexican border, even when having all the resources and technology.

Legal and Illegal Cricket ?

Many cricket boards have banned the players who have participated in the Indian Cricket League.ICC do not recognize ICL as a valid league, however Indian Premier League has been recognized by the ICC.
Cricket Boards have banned players who have signed up with ICL to play for their country.
Then what about also banning the TV Channels which are airing the ICL matches, to not let them telecast any ICC recognized event. As we can see that the same TV channel is airing lCL matches and then the same TV Channel is airing IPL matches and other ICC International matches, making money by getting tv advertisement for both the events.
Also why not ban the commentators who are commentating in the ICL matches to not to do any commentary in the ICC recognized events. (In the current instance Australian commentator Dean Jones was commentating in ICL and now also doing commentary in the current Pakistan Australia cricket series)
Also ban the umpires standing in the ICL matches, ground, TV and other sponsors of ICL from sponsoring in any ICC recognized event ?
Why are only the players associated with ICL are banned and other organizations and people associated with ICL are not banned ? If other organizations have the right to earn and make money by sponsoring as many events and matches they like then players should also have the right to play in any tournament as they may like and not just in the ICC recognized events.
ICC should lift the ban on the ICL players unconditionally.