Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Future of Ice cream in Pakistan - and electric loadshedding

With summer approaching in Pakistan , and getting ready for another summer of load shedding and tear shedding !
It seems that this time around the loadshedding schedule would be 24 hours electricity - straight24 hours load shedding - straight.
In short you will have electricity every alternate day !cheers !
With country already starved for electricity, the majorly hit business would be ICE CREAM !Ice creams require to be kept in a deep freezer at all times , and with no electricity and high tempterature , they ought to melt quickly !
Hence the buyer wont be willing to buy a melt up ice cream - and that too in scortching temperatures !
Ice creams, like all other businesses are bound to be effected in a big way !
Tearshedding with loadshedding :)

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