Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Number of school going days for children in pakistan

If we calculate the number of school going days for our children in pakistan, then it can be easily said that they are going to school for only 150 days in a complete year.

Here are some calculations:
In a year:

52 Sundays
52 Saturdays
44 Summer vacations (excluding saturday and sundays)
20 days gazetted holidays / year (Indepenedce, Eid, Ashura etc)
15 days semester breaks
12 days Winer vacations (excluding saturdays and sundays)

Total Number of Off days: 195 days

Total number of days in a year : 365
Total number of school going days: 170 days only

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Breaking News Pakistan - Culture

Our newschannels try to give news worthiness to every news in Pakistan ,be it small or big.
We can see that every channel flashes breaking news with red ticker, whatever the occassion or whatever the news may be.

The breaking news culture is having adverse affect on the people, who are made to believe that every thing bad is happening in pakistan.

I suggest to PTA to control the culture of breaking news in Pakistan. Every channel should have a quota of 5 RED tickers / breaking news per day - so they start to know how, where and when to use the red ticker.

PTA should allot 5 red tickers per day per news channel and monitor its usage.

what medicines to pack when travelling - emergency travel medicines

Often when travelling we often ask ourself the question, what medicines should we pack when travelling - what should be medicine for children or infants and what medicines to pack for adults.

When travelling you can incur any type of illness and that is the worst nightmare of any anytrip - getting ill.

What is more important is to have medicines handy for any situation.
Here are some of the medicines which may be handy when travelling -
these may take a bit of space in your suitcase or bag but is worth having them with you.

- pain killers like panadol / paracetamol
- antiseptic / antibiotic cream like POLYFAX
- Anti allergy (Myteka)
- Eye / nose / ear drops
- Oral ointment for treatment of oral cuts (eg: Somogel)
- Eye ointment - for eye related infections (Like Polyfax eye ointment)
- generic antibiotic (eg: amoxil)
- Pain relief balm (eg: iodex / tiger balm)
- first aid aerosol / bandage
- for upset stomach / loose motion (eg lomotil or antox)
- for flu (Arinac)
- for extreme pain / teeth ache or other extreme pains (ANSAID)

Most of these medicines are available over the counter and do not need prescription , except for antibiotics. Better check with your pharmacy.