Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pakistan's currency, economy and Afghanistan's

It amazed me to find out that Afghanistan's currency is priced at Rs. 1.80.
1 Afghania's exchange rate is at Rs. 1.80

Afghanistan is a country ravaged by war, and is at war. The country collapsed after America invaded it and now re-building it.
It amazes me how quickly the country's currency has bounced back. Which is one of the few signs of economic progress.

We are also a front line state against terrorism but our currency hasnot gotten stronger, but on the contrary our currency has devalued 30% over the last four years.
Whatever are our country's problems, I am sure they are not more than that of Afghanistan's which has re-build itself from scratch and to whom we offer port and many other trade and transit facilities.

Countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been considered to rely on support of Pakistan, but both the currencies and economies seems to be progressing at quicker rate than anticipated.