Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cricket Tourism

Cricket playing nations are reluctant to visit Pakistan due to security concerns.
This is a great loss as people specially youngsters are devoid of watching the cricket match in their own country.

To promote cricket and to keep it alive in Pakistan and to attract youngsters, PCB should open the stadiums for general public for tourism purpose. This may include letting the common man access to the ground, main pavilion and dressing room.

This way he will be able to relate himself to the players in a more closer way. He would be able to visit and see the same dressing room which his star players use during the match. A walk down the dressing room to the main ground and pitch would help him relate and think himself as a player.

PCB should allow access to the trophy room, where people can see and admire the various trophies Pakistan have won.
Access to PCB photo gallery containing photographs of important timelines in the history of Pakistan will be worth watching.
A Hall of fame, containing various records by Pakistani players.

People would be able to visit various sections of the stadium like the press box and the vip / corporate boxes and other areas of the ground, which will inspire them towards the sport.

Special tours of school children can be arranged to let them see the ground in more closer way.

This can be true for other sports of Pakistan like hockey and squash.

Sporting bodies can put an entrance fee and souvenir shop to help promote sports in a more better way.

As a child I always wanted to see the dressing room and the press boxes, and I am sure it would be a great treat for both older and youngers alike to experience the stadiums first hand.