Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bank holiday on first Ramazan.

Over the years banks have been observing a holiday on 1st of ramazan on account of zakat deduction from account holders' accounts.
This was a practice when bank accounts were maintained manually in ledgers and books and there was no computerization, hence calculating and deducting zakat from the accounts was a tedious task.

Cant in this age of computerization, a simple program can be developed and run to deduct 2.5% zakat from all saving accounts who have a balance threshold required to pay zakat ?

With the type of complex tasks being done with computers these days, I am pretty confident that this excercise would not take more than an hour to run on all the accounts, and hence a day's holiday can be avoided.

Friday, August 6, 2010

self exiled and travelling

As has been the practice, many of our politicians, beaurecrats and other top brass live in self exile to avoid arrest and cases against them.
They are labeled as proclaimed offenders and continue to be absent from the court, opting to live in another country for several years.

Yet these people continue to travel around the world throughout their exile period.
Presumably they would be requiring a Pakistani Passport to enable them to travel.

What is more interesting is that these people can get Passports from the Pakistani Embassies abroad, while they are still labeled as offenders back home in Pakistan.

Cant the government put a check and ban all offenders who are living in self exile from obtaining passports from Pakistani missions abroad ?
So that they could not travel elsewhere in the world, and would have to be forced to return to Pakistan to obtain their fresh passports ?

If they are offenders in Pakistan, then the government should ensure that such offenders do not get hold of the Pakistani Passports while living abroad ?