Saturday, June 27, 2009

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Friday, June 26, 2009

92 Khan and 09 Khan

When it comes to Pakistan cricket, it seems that 9 and KHAN is the lucky number for Pakistan.

We won the first cricket world cup under the captaincy of Imran KHAN in 1992
Then against we did it again in 2009, once again under the captaincy of Younus KHAN.

Another KHAN.

However, 9 is not a big time lucky number. We lost the cricket world cup final at lord in 1999 :D

In fact Pakistan lost the 1999 world cup final on June 20 , 1999
It was after a decade and a day later that pakistan won it again. No matter this time we won it in the smaller version of the game, but a win is a win - and winning a worldcup is a big acheivement by any means.

The nation needed this win more than the cricket team itself.

When a country ravaged by War, internal conflict , ethnic , politic and all sorts of conflicts, needed this win to unite the people of Pakistan.

The celeberation rightly proved that . People were enjoying and celeberating the win irrespective of their association.

This was one happy moment for the nation , which had lost all hopes and had nothing to cheer about , this was one happy moment after independence of 1947 , and then the world cup win in 1992. This is win is bigger than any , coming at a time when the Pakistani nation was down and under -

We have won many hockey world cups , but those win did not stir the nation as this one trurly has. Cricket is widely followed after Islam.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Show us the cup !

Now that Pakistan has won the worldcup - bringing happiness to people around the country and to the exapts living away from home.

Now that we have won it , the Pakistan cricket board should make arrangements to take the cup to every major city of the country -

May i suggest a welcome for the team in karachi from airport to mazar e quaid , where the team pays tribute to the father of the nation ? and in this way people get to welcome and see their heroes with the world cup .

Same can be done in other cities.

Time is short, as Pakistan has to go to srilanka to play test and odi series there, and then the icc trophy and other assignments.

PCB should manage time in b/w to make the cup travel to major cities of the country to allow people to feel the sense of ownership and patriotism.

Show us the Cup !

Welcome T20 worldcup pakistan

Pakistan finally won the T20 worldcup.
The win came at a time when nothing seemed to be going good for Pakistan either on political or sports front.

And a win was needed not just by the cricket team, but by the country itself which has been marred with all sorts of troubles over the last few years.

This was something the nation wanted to cheer themselves up and show the unity, passion and patriotism, and the win could not have come at a better time than this.

It was hearty to see people flogging on the streets and celeberating the win in a big style.

Ironically, Pakistan lost the 1999 world cup final on 20th june 1999. And finally they claimed it against a decade and a day later.

Shahid Afridi showed some character - being patient and taking singles rather than trying to hit out on every ball - which is very much unlikely shahid afridi and very much unlikiely pakistan.

There was no big hicup or trouble, pressure was eased away by the openers giving a decent start in the final and pakistan chased the runs down with 8 wickets to spare.

Never before I have seen Pakistan doing a run chase in this manner - either we would loose early wickets, or loose wickets in the middle and then the pressure would go to the lower order , who would either hit the winning runs in the last ball or last overs.

This time around the pressure was absorbed by the upper order and doing their bits.
Shahid Afridi seemed to play it cool , not trying to hit malinga , when he tried to bounce him , infact he nodded in appreciation about his bouncer , but did not try to hit him out on the next ball , some thing he has done almost thru out his career - he was one of those players who never liked to be bogged down - and always has the attitude for hit out or get out.

Also the team played well, the bowlers did their bit.

The re-induction of razzaq became vital for pakistan , as it was him that played a good role for pakistan against newzealand and then again in final by claiming three big and early wickets.

His presence really gave a boost to the bowling side which was other wise struggling.

All in all this was a welcome win for Pakistan and for the nation.

Also, considering the fact that none of the Pakistan players were allowed to play in the IPL.
My general thinking was that since Pakistan was not playing in the IPL they might be rusty and not in pracitce while other teams were having their players play the IPL and would be having enought practice to cope up at international level.

This proved otherwise.

Experience at IPL did not matter. Infact it was the ICL who was the winner - Razzaq., ex-icl players, being reinducted and becoming a major force for the Pakistani cricket team and doing his bit for the team -

While other teams complained about too much cricket played at the IPL, Pakistani players did their part.

The victory will go a long way for the nation who will have some time to smile ,cheer and talk about the win - and drfit their mind away from the regular doings of life , inflation , electric failure, ecnomic worries, politics and war on terror.

Friday, June 19, 2009

yeh cup kahan jayega ?

Being now qualified for the finals of the T20 2009 worldcup.Pakistan seems so near yet so far from the world cup title.
We have played and lost 1999 worldcup final - that too was in england.We played 2007 T20 worldcup final and lost tht by thin margin - more by luck than performance
and once again , its 2009 and we in the final of the T20 worldcup.
Pakistan fought well in the semi finals to beat south africa by 7 runs.Younus took 2 big gambles, which might have costed Pakistan the match , and would have put a big question mark on younus' decision .
The first was to make fawad alam bowl the 16th over, in which he gave away 15 runs.Fawad hadnt bowl thru out the tournament and he was given to bowl and important over of the match . this could have been make or brake over for pakistan.
and then not letting umer gul bowl his quota of 4 matter if the spinners were doing a good job ,you should make your best bowler bowl his full quota.
the only reason come to my mind for letting fawad bowl was that he was a left arm bowler , and dumminy was a left hander, his bowling might have worked some leg break for dumminy .
anyhow, all is well that ends well .
We are a nation starved of happiness as long as we remember .War ridden , war on terrorism , frequent disturbances in the country, bomb blasts, suicides -the nation is looking up to one thing which will surely cheer them up for a while and help them forget their woes.
Yeh cup yaheein ana chaiye.
Pakistani nationa needs the worldcup far more than any thing else , in these testing times.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Laptop keys got slow and cpu usage showing high usage

If one day you start you laptop and find out that the laptop keyboard has gotten slow.Not taking any input , or if it takes it takes a long while to appear.
Computer has gotten slow, programs are taking forever to open , maximize , minimize.You some how go to check the task manager and finds cpu usage around 80 % or very high.
DO nothing else , but remove your laptop battery and start running your laptop on power.
It is very much highly that your laptop batteries are worn out.
It took me a long while to diagnose this issue, so writing it up here, incase someone faces the same problems.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dhoni's gamble did not pay off this time

Dhoni has taken a lot of gamble thru out his captaincy.
This time around his gamble did not pay off.

He included rookie jadeja in the lineup and promoted him up the order at number 4, which was not a good gamble. Jadeja took a lot of time and deliveries and still couldnt score as many runs.

Dhoni is known for his gamble.
One big gamble he took was in the final of T20 2007 worldcup final against Pakistan , where he made the bowler "Sharma" bowl the last over of the final, with pakistan needing just 12 of the final over.

Had Misbah lodged the ball for a six , the captaincy of Dhoni would have came to end, but that time his gamble paid and Misbah got out on a foolish shot, for which he was himself to be blamed.

This time the gamble did not pay off.
Taking nothing away from England, and the way foster stumped Yuvraj Singh ws the turning poinf of the game.

Dhoni is now coming under lot of critisim about team selectio and batting order.
But this was the same dhoni who has achieved India many mileston and winnig t20 world cup final was one of it .

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Super 8, Pakistan 1 , India 1

Now that the super 8 stage is on , pakistan and india have lost 1 each match in the super 8, means that both pakistan and india will have to win the remaining 2 matches to qualify for the semis.

india has to play southafrica and england
pakistan has to play newzealand and ireland.

pakistan seems to be well place and can make it to the semis provided the batsmen live up to the expectation,

india is in a tuff position and are in a do and die situtation.

its any one's game now -

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pakistan may leave T20 cricket world cup early ?

With holland beating England and then England beating Pakistan by a big margin , it is possible that Pakistan may have to leave T20 worldcup early , as now they would require to beat Holland by a bit margin to proceed to super 8.

Had pakistan lost to england by a thin margin , the matter wouldnt have been that bad, but since they lost by more than 50 runs or so , this means that pakistan would have to win against holland by a similar margin, which may not be a good bet by unpredictable pakistani cricket team.

Being favorite for the tournament , it seems that Pakistan may have to leave the T20 worldcup stage early.

This has been the case with Pakistan in the 2003 worldcup and then in 2007 worldcup, it seems this might be the case again with Pakistani in this T20 worldcup.

Being finalist in the last world cup and now on the verge of being going out in the first round ?

Who know afridi and akmal and misbah and shoaib malik will fire from all ends to make a big scrore against scotland ? and then bowling them out cheaply to make it to the next round ?

Fingers crossed, its still some 24 hours to go before it can be assured if Pakistan makes it to super 8s or not.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Women's Sindh games and sports minister for Sindh

The sports minister for Sindh was busy doing commentary in the local Twenty 20 cricket competition held in Lahore, in the province of punjab, for a private TV channel while a major sporting event by the name of Sindh Games for Women was underway in Larkana which is reported to be marred with all sorts of mismanagement and controversies.

It would have been encouraging if Sports minister would have stayed in the province and in Larkana to look after the mismanagements of the organizer rather than doing commentary for a sports channel in another province.

Please keep your priorities right.