Monday, June 15, 2009

Dhoni's gamble did not pay off this time

Dhoni has taken a lot of gamble thru out his captaincy.
This time around his gamble did not pay off.

He included rookie jadeja in the lineup and promoted him up the order at number 4, which was not a good gamble. Jadeja took a lot of time and deliveries and still couldnt score as many runs.

Dhoni is known for his gamble.
One big gamble he took was in the final of T20 2007 worldcup final against Pakistan , where he made the bowler "Sharma" bowl the last over of the final, with pakistan needing just 12 of the final over.

Had Misbah lodged the ball for a six , the captaincy of Dhoni would have came to end, but that time his gamble paid and Misbah got out on a foolish shot, for which he was himself to be blamed.

This time the gamble did not pay off.
Taking nothing away from England, and the way foster stumped Yuvraj Singh ws the turning poinf of the game.

Dhoni is now coming under lot of critisim about team selectio and batting order.
But this was the same dhoni who has achieved India many mileston and winnig t20 world cup final was one of it .

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