Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hamid Mir Knows every thing

On the day when Pakistani players were snubbed by the IPL, a sports channel in its nightly program called Hamid Mir to know about his views on the snubbing of Pakistani Players.

Hamid Mir revealed that a day before the auction he received a call from some high up in India and he did tell him that pakistani players would be snubbed and that it was all pre planned and he already knew it.

This reminded me of atleast two more instances where Hamid Mir revealed that he already knew that this incident would happen.

One was on the day on 9/11, where he claimed that he was sitting in his office when some one from Al Qaeda came to his office and stayed there in his office on the pretext that he has some thing special to tell Hamid Mir, and as soon the terrorist attacked happened the person handed over Hamid Mir a letter, claiming to be from Osama Bin Laden.

Second such instance was on the occassion of Pakistan reaching the 1999 cricket world cup final.
Where Hamid Mir claimed that a day before the final he was sitting with some high ups and ministers and they informed him that the final was fixed and Pakistan will loose the final.

If Hamid Mir has been knowing so much in advance why didnt he report that before the incident happened ? His channel and he himself is being knows for breaking the news and doing insights and revealing stories ?
Why didnt he cover or report these incidents ? and kept them to himself only to reveal it later ?
Is justice being done to journalism ?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Even Israel Premier Cricket League would have bought Pakistani player :)

Pakistan has been fighting other peoples war, while being continued to be snubbed by the same people.
The latest case has been the snubbing of Pakistani Players at the hand of IPL.

We have been fighting India's war on many fronts.

Our film distributors have been buying Indian Films and filming them in the local cinemas and Cineplex's by buying exclusive rights for the movie and threatening to take action against the people who sell the movie on DVD or run onthe cable TV network in Pakistan.

Our TV Channels telecasting Indian Film and TV Awards ceremonies, by buying exclusive rights from award organizers, and then issuing threats to people in Pakistan that they are the exclusive right holders of the event and no other party or channel can telecast the show, else would have to face the penalty or imprisonment.

Our Sports Channel buying exclusive rights for the ICL, IPL and other events and yet again issuing warning to the people in Pakistan.

In all the cases the winner have been the India, who have sold the rights for their movies, award ceremonies, sports and other such events, while we have continued to fight their war by taking action against our own people.

The latest episode of IPL snubbing should be an eye opener for all the people in Pakistan who have always believed that relationships with Indian can improve.