Friday, November 12, 2010

Preschool, nursery teachers

Through out our life we are thankful to many people who influence us. Teachers being one of them.
We remember the teachers who helped us understand science or math or English etc, but we are rarely thankful or remember the teachers who taught us in our toddler / pre-nursery age.

These were the teachers who taught us to recognize letters, digits, colors, shapes and more. These have been the teachers who have understood us when we were barely able to talk or explain.

They have tolerated us when we have created nuisannace in the class, when we were not even potty trained and would mess up the class, they have shown extreme patience and humbleness.

For all the people we are thankful in life, we barely thank, remember or recognize the teachers who have taught us in pre-school.
These have been the real teachers who laid our foundation, which then helped us excel and progress in life.

I would like to thank all the pre-school teachers, who continue to show extreme patience and resilience in teaching toddlers.