Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welcome T20 worldcup pakistan

Pakistan finally won the T20 worldcup.
The win came at a time when nothing seemed to be going good for Pakistan either on political or sports front.

And a win was needed not just by the cricket team, but by the country itself which has been marred with all sorts of troubles over the last few years.

This was something the nation wanted to cheer themselves up and show the unity, passion and patriotism, and the win could not have come at a better time than this.

It was hearty to see people flogging on the streets and celeberating the win in a big style.

Ironically, Pakistan lost the 1999 world cup final on 20th june 1999. And finally they claimed it against a decade and a day later.

Shahid Afridi showed some character - being patient and taking singles rather than trying to hit out on every ball - which is very much unlikely shahid afridi and very much unlikiely pakistan.

There was no big hicup or trouble, pressure was eased away by the openers giving a decent start in the final and pakistan chased the runs down with 8 wickets to spare.

Never before I have seen Pakistan doing a run chase in this manner - either we would loose early wickets, or loose wickets in the middle and then the pressure would go to the lower order , who would either hit the winning runs in the last ball or last overs.

This time around the pressure was absorbed by the upper order and doing their bits.
Shahid Afridi seemed to play it cool , not trying to hit malinga , when he tried to bounce him , infact he nodded in appreciation about his bouncer , but did not try to hit him out on the next ball , some thing he has done almost thru out his career - he was one of those players who never liked to be bogged down - and always has the attitude for hit out or get out.

Also the team played well, the bowlers did their bit.

The re-induction of razzaq became vital for pakistan , as it was him that played a good role for pakistan against newzealand and then again in final by claiming three big and early wickets.

His presence really gave a boost to the bowling side which was other wise struggling.

All in all this was a welcome win for Pakistan and for the nation.

Also, considering the fact that none of the Pakistan players were allowed to play in the IPL.
My general thinking was that since Pakistan was not playing in the IPL they might be rusty and not in pracitce while other teams were having their players play the IPL and would be having enought practice to cope up at international level.

This proved otherwise.

Experience at IPL did not matter. Infact it was the ICL who was the winner - Razzaq., ex-icl players, being reinducted and becoming a major force for the Pakistani cricket team and doing his bit for the team -

While other teams complained about too much cricket played at the IPL, Pakistani players did their part.

The victory will go a long way for the nation who will have some time to smile ,cheer and talk about the win - and drfit their mind away from the regular doings of life , inflation , electric failure, ecnomic worries, politics and war on terror.

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