Friday, June 19, 2009

yeh cup kahan jayega ?

Being now qualified for the finals of the T20 2009 worldcup.Pakistan seems so near yet so far from the world cup title.
We have played and lost 1999 worldcup final - that too was in england.We played 2007 T20 worldcup final and lost tht by thin margin - more by luck than performance
and once again , its 2009 and we in the final of the T20 worldcup.
Pakistan fought well in the semi finals to beat south africa by 7 runs.Younus took 2 big gambles, which might have costed Pakistan the match , and would have put a big question mark on younus' decision .
The first was to make fawad alam bowl the 16th over, in which he gave away 15 runs.Fawad hadnt bowl thru out the tournament and he was given to bowl and important over of the match . this could have been make or brake over for pakistan.
and then not letting umer gul bowl his quota of 4 matter if the spinners were doing a good job ,you should make your best bowler bowl his full quota.
the only reason come to my mind for letting fawad bowl was that he was a left arm bowler , and dumminy was a left hander, his bowling might have worked some leg break for dumminy .
anyhow, all is well that ends well .
We are a nation starved of happiness as long as we remember .War ridden , war on terrorism , frequent disturbances in the country, bomb blasts, suicides -the nation is looking up to one thing which will surely cheer them up for a while and help them forget their woes.
Yeh cup yaheein ana chaiye.
Pakistani nationa needs the worldcup far more than any thing else , in these testing times.

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