Monday, June 8, 2009

Pakistan may leave T20 cricket world cup early ?

With holland beating England and then England beating Pakistan by a big margin , it is possible that Pakistan may have to leave T20 worldcup early , as now they would require to beat Holland by a bit margin to proceed to super 8.

Had pakistan lost to england by a thin margin , the matter wouldnt have been that bad, but since they lost by more than 50 runs or so , this means that pakistan would have to win against holland by a similar margin, which may not be a good bet by unpredictable pakistani cricket team.

Being favorite for the tournament , it seems that Pakistan may have to leave the T20 worldcup stage early.

This has been the case with Pakistan in the 2003 worldcup and then in 2007 worldcup, it seems this might be the case again with Pakistani in this T20 worldcup.

Being finalist in the last world cup and now on the verge of being going out in the first round ?

Who know afridi and akmal and misbah and shoaib malik will fire from all ends to make a big scrore against scotland ? and then bowling them out cheaply to make it to the next round ?

Fingers crossed, its still some 24 hours to go before it can be assured if Pakistan makes it to super 8s or not.

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