Friday, June 26, 2009

92 Khan and 09 Khan

When it comes to Pakistan cricket, it seems that 9 and KHAN is the lucky number for Pakistan.

We won the first cricket world cup under the captaincy of Imran KHAN in 1992
Then against we did it again in 2009, once again under the captaincy of Younus KHAN.

Another KHAN.

However, 9 is not a big time lucky number. We lost the cricket world cup final at lord in 1999 :D

In fact Pakistan lost the 1999 world cup final on June 20 , 1999
It was after a decade and a day later that pakistan won it again. No matter this time we won it in the smaller version of the game, but a win is a win - and winning a worldcup is a big acheivement by any means.

The nation needed this win more than the cricket team itself.

When a country ravaged by War, internal conflict , ethnic , politic and all sorts of conflicts, needed this win to unite the people of Pakistan.

The celeberation rightly proved that . People were enjoying and celeberating the win irrespective of their association.

This was one happy moment for the nation , which had lost all hopes and had nothing to cheer about , this was one happy moment after independence of 1947 , and then the world cup win in 1992. This is win is bigger than any , coming at a time when the Pakistani nation was down and under -

We have won many hockey world cups , but those win did not stir the nation as this one trurly has. Cricket is widely followed after Islam.

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