Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Number of school going days in Pakistan / Karachi

Noticing the number of school going days in Pakistan, ( more relevantly in Karachi ) it seems that there are no more than 120 school going days for school students. This shows the state of our education and the importance of school.Just calculate it how
Total number of days in a year : 365
Total number of saturday and sundays [52 Sundays and 52 Saturday] : 104Summer vacation holidays [if schools are to open from 15th august] : 75Winter vacation holidays : 15Eid ul Fitr Holidays: 4Eid ul Adha holidays: 4Miscellaeous / other gazetted holidays: 20Strike / Rain / riot holidays [avg]: 5Exam days [ calculated as 7 days exams per semester / 2 semesters]: 14
Total number of [non academic] days: 241
365 - 241 = 124
So in reality the students are studying only for 124 days -

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