Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Presidential Security for the SriLankan Cricket Team

It is said that that Pakistani government and the Pakistan cricket board promised VVIP security, same that is given to the president of Pakistan, to the Srilankan cricket team.If this is the security for the president of Pakistan, then God save president of Pakistan from being assasinated in the middle of the street.Having my office on main Sh-e-faisal, I get to see and notice the security measures taken whenever president is in the city.Police force is deployed from the morning, no matter at what time the president has to pass the road.They are deployed on every street leading to the main sh-e-faisal. Rangers and police personnel are deployed at every few meters on each side of the road and on the islands. Traffic is stopped from coming to the roads some 20 - 30 minutes before the president is expected to pass the road.And when finally the president passes the road, his motorcade includes at least 2 dozen vehicles of different sort.With at least 8 police mobile vans, 2 ambulances, vehicles of the elite commandoes, traffice police bikes, and mobiles and various other vehicles.This is the security measures I have seen over the years that are being given to the president of Pakistan be it ex-President Musharraf or now President Zardari.The claim of giving high profile VVIP security to the Srilankan team do not prove to be correct.Its time for the government and agencies to deliver what they promise else even head of states would not be willing to visit Pakistan, let alone a sporting team.

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