Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are hotels really "home away from home" ?

Whenever one visits another city, or country he usually has to get an accomodation in a hotel.Be it big 7 start hotels or small motels.
Almost all hotels, would boast about their qualities and how they would make you comfortable and how you can feel it as "home away from home"
Let take any average hotel in to consideration. I really dont think that hotels are "home away from home" they are no way near.
What I can really think and say about these hotels are that they leave no stone unturned to charge their customer.
For instance, all moderate hotels have a mini bar in the room, which usually contains drinks, water and snacks. Which are higly over priced.In actual the real mini bar cost would not be more than US$ 10.00 ( PKR 1000 )
Do we really need to buy over priced stuff for our "home away from home" ?Wouldnt it be nice that hotels would offer 1 free mini bar ? (at least for customers staying a certain number of nights ) like 1 free mini bar for a stay of 3 nights ?
And then the price of the laundary if you use hotel laundary service ? too very over priced.and then the price for using internet in the hotel ? over priced again.
are hotels really "home away from home " ?
For me , always look out for HOTELS, HOSPITALS and get the service when you pay.No payment no service - what may come .

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