Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pakistan stripped of cricket world cup and players

Pakistan Cricket Board, sidelined the Pakistani ICL players by not selecting them in the Pakistani cricket team, on the pressure of Indian Cricket Board, as Pakistan did not want the relationship between Pakistan and India to be detoriated on the cricketing front.Now since India has started sidelining Pakistan on International front by not taking any Pakistani umpire or Pakistani players in the IPL and by not favoring Pakistan in the upcoming worldcup, it will be feasible for Pakistan to include ICL Players in the pakistan squad and to lift all the restrictions on them.We have always bowed to foreign pressure, be it be our government or our sports bodies, sidelining our own people and talent.We are already been sidelined by the International cricket community. First the ICC champions trophy, then the world cup has been taken away from Pakistan. Teams are not willing to play in Pakistan.What more worse could happen to Pakistan cricket board if they include the ICL players ? It is time that we should accept our players with open arms as both the cricket board and players have become a victim.

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