Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Legal and Illegal Cricket ?

Many cricket boards have banned the players who have participated in the Indian Cricket League.ICC do not recognize ICL as a valid league, however Indian Premier League has been recognized by the ICC.
Cricket Boards have banned players who have signed up with ICL to play for their country.
Then what about also banning the TV Channels which are airing the ICL matches, to not let them telecast any ICC recognized event. As we can see that the same TV channel is airing lCL matches and then the same TV Channel is airing IPL matches and other ICC International matches, making money by getting tv advertisement for both the events.
Also why not ban the commentators who are commentating in the ICL matches to not to do any commentary in the ICC recognized events. (In the current instance Australian commentator Dean Jones was commentating in ICL and now also doing commentary in the current Pakistan Australia cricket series)
Also ban the umpires standing in the ICL matches, ground, TV and other sponsors of ICL from sponsoring in any ICC recognized event ?
Why are only the players associated with ICL are banned and other organizations and people associated with ICL are not banned ? If other organizations have the right to earn and make money by sponsoring as many events and matches they like then players should also have the right to play in any tournament as they may like and not just in the ICC recognized events.
ICC should lift the ban on the ICL players unconditionally.

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