Friday, September 14, 2012

Working procedure of civic agencies in karachi -cdgk / kmc

Ever since my childhood, I have seen a set pattern of performance of our metropolitan corporation and more actively around rainy season.
1. A road or street or bi-lane will remain dug up or broken for ages. So much so that the area people would have given up hope that it would ever by carpeted again.
2. Then finally one day out of no where, and more specifically around monsoon season, kmc people would show up and start carpeting the road. The area people rejoice that finally their road is being carpeted.
3. Just after a few weeks of the carpeting of the road, some utility company like ptcl, kesc, kwsb or others will show up at the site and will dig up the road again to do their bit.
4. And then we are taken back to step one.
5. Even if the utility company do not dig up the road, the road would falter again during the monsoon rain.
If our utility and metropolitan companies would have co-ordinated in an effecient manner, I am sure many such expenses could have been avoided.
As for me I am still waiting to see a road which has been carpeted and is not dug up again with in one year of its being carpeted.

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