Monday, October 8, 2012

Need for Broadcasting Content Complaints Council of Pakistan

As I watch some foreign tv channel, often i see a slide which says that"if you have any complain regarding the content of this program, you may report to Indian Broadcast foundation or Broadcast content complain council of India"

As per the current scenario of Pakistan, this was interesting as often people have complains about tv programs.
I visited the website of Indian broadcasting foundation ( and feel that pakistan media can copy a similar model where a Broadcasting Content Complaint Council can be created with the retired supreme court judge as its head and other members of the council may comprise eminent persons, heads of tv channels and others from national assembly committees for children, women, minorities, religion, provinces and so on.

This can be sub divided for entertainment channels, news channels, advertisement and children.

Anyone having any objection on the content of the program may launch a complain and the complaint council will address it.
Indian Broadcasting content complaint council can be good role model for Pakistan's media, where the load of supreme court will also be cut down where they can refer such complaints against channels to their respective council and people will be able to put their timely input about the program and can improve the quality of the electronic media in Pakistan.

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