Friday, September 14, 2012

Performance of Pakistan in London Olympics 2012

We are nation where street crime, mugging, target killing is rampant and still we failed to produce shooters who can represent pakistan in the Olympics 2012.
Our streets majorly witness protests with burning effigies and pelting stones 'pathrao' at people and property and still we were unable to produce discus throwers who can make it to represent Pakistan in the Olympics.
We are a nation who is always ready to put a fight for the pettiest of issues and yet we were not able to find quality wrestlers and karate players for the event.
More so, everyday we commute from home to work in public transport, hanging and clutching to every minimum space that is made available in the shabby public transport, at time sprinting behind the bus to catch it, and yet we weren't able to send enough athletes to the event.
Pakistan's Olympic contingent is one of the smallest in the event. Countries like Kenya and Iran had more representation in the game and have been able to win medals. Even country like Tunisia which was recently stuck by rebel was able to send more athletes.
With so much talent available on the streets of Pakistan, it would have been wiser if that talent is used in more productive activities.

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