Thursday, September 16, 2010

raising up a child - the right approach.

A few days ago, I was dropping my son to his school.
As I came back to my car and was reversing the car, a child from no where came walking behind my car, such that he was not visible in the rear or side view mirrors. His height was too short to be seen in the rear view mirror.

His parents were standing on either side of the car, allowing the kid enough luxury and confidence to walk on his own , unaware that the car was reversring.

Finally the father patted my car to caution me about his son walking behind my car.
He then came over to my driving side and had a word with me, telling me that I should have seen the child walking behind my car, and should have stopped.

I had no way of seeing such a small child walking behind my car.
I told the father that he should have taken care of his son, as he is too young to be let alone , walking in the parking area.

As we finished our little conversation, I reversed my car and was about to drive away, I saw the father taking his son in his arms , and telling him if me (uncle) would have hit him with his car, he would have broken my car , and would have beaten me too.

This left me in a state of shock as to how we are upbringing our newer generation, and what education and ethics we are parting them.

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