Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fixing the fixture.

In the match fixing and spot-fixing allegation by the tabloid news of the world, several information bits were revealed by the alleged match fixer Mazhar Majeed, including the result of the Sydney Test of 2009 - 2010 , the match results of the Asia Cup and the forecast of the first two one days against england.

ICC nor the police has made any investigation in the first two one days which England Won, and which was also alleged by the book maker mazhar majeed that Pakistan would loose.

ICC was quick to ban the three pakistani cricketers from all sort of cricket.
However, niether the Cricket Australian nor the ICC has shown any real willingness in investigating the sydney test match or to change the result of the test match as suspected or under the investigation.

ICC has not carried our any investigation in Pakistan loosing the first two one days against england which the book maker mazhar majeed alleged pakistani will loose.

However, inquiry only started when pakistan won the third one day.

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