Thursday, September 30, 2010

China - progressing without english

A few months back I visited China, and reaslized the world can progress and advance in technology and other areas without particularly knowing English.
As it dawned on me, everything there was in their own language. The only thing I can understand and read there was numbers and digits.
They did not understand English, which is said to the universal language and the only way of communication was the sign language.

Ever since my childhood I have been studying and learning in English, as it was deemed necessary for my existance and well being and for getting better opportunities in life.
My parents and my teachers have often told me that I could not progress in life if I do not excel in English. Every subject in my academic life was in English, so much so that I couldnot understand the majority of the subjects and would only cram them to pass in Exams. Life without English was unthinkable.

There was no or very little sign of English in China, and still it has continued to dominate the world in every way. It is now the second super power of the world.
Train stations, bus stations, building names, hoardings, visting cards all were in their native language.

We are tilting toward English, neglecting our national language and hence we are neither excelling in English nor in our native language.

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