Friday, September 3, 2010

Spot Fixing and Bob Woolmer

When ever there is a terrorist activity or attack anywhere around the world, it is link with Taliban and Al Qaeda.
Similarly, any match fixing allegating is linked with Pakistan and Pakistani players.

Bob Woolmer died after Pakistan lost the match with Scotland in world cup 2007. The Indian and the british media, specially the british media which flew to the carribean from the UK to cover this story was pressing hard to ascertain that Bob Woolmer was killed by Pakistani players who had a scuffle with him, or that he had links with book makers and he was killed by book makers.

Later it was ascertained that the he indeed died due to heart attack.

On the cricket field, Pakistan has a history of incidents with England starting from Imran Khan's ball tampering, illicit relationship with a british woman, Imran Khan and Bothom battle, Mike Getting and Shakoor Rana incident, ball tampering allegations on wasim and waqar, the forfieting of oval test in 2006 and now the recent spot fixing allegation.

These are still accusation but a major section of the media has already given their verdict and have already accused the players of match fixing.

If Pakistan comes out clean this time, it should be made sure that no such allegation are levelled against Pakistan, and Pakistan should file the biggest defamation case in the history of the world for playing with the sentiments of the Pakistani cricketers and the pakistani nation.

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