Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nigerian Film Industry - third largest in the world.

It was hard to believe but true. Nigerian Film Industry is the thrid largest film industry in the world.
While watching National Geographic the other day it was revealed on me that Lagos has only one cinema but still Nigeria is the third largest film industry of the world.

The filmmakers do not make the films specifically for the box office, but directly release the film on CDs and DVDs so people can watch it in their homes even.

The cameras and equipments they have are out dated and they do not try to copy from Hollywood or any other films but have their own stories based on their own social and culturals factors. Making a Nigerian movie costs an average of US$ 25000

While we find our filmmakers complaining about decreasing number of cinemas and the indian movies being released on box office and on DVDs hurting the cause of the local cinema.

May be its time to think out of the box and release the movie on box office and on CD at the same time.
With so many TV channels available, it wont be a big ask to market their movie thru the tv channels and tempt the viewer on buying the locally realease movie on dvd.

It is also to be understood that watching movie in cinema is not easy. A family of 5 will have to spend an average of Rs. 1000 to just watch the movie, while the entertainment that goes with the movie is a separate entity.

While the competition with Indian movies cannot be ignored, but trying to go out of the box may pay off.

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