Wednesday, July 21, 2010

city government road side cabins - karachi

The city government in good faith, introduced road side cabins to accommodate street vendors, to have a better looking, proper space for their business. This was as good as legalizing their road side business by giving them a proper place to conduct business.

These roadside cabins are already built on footpaths, which hinder the movement of pedestrians who wish to use the footpath and hence have to walk on the road.

The cabin owners have started abusing the space allocated to them, by encroaching at least 5 feet further out of their cabins, putting their shop stuff like display counters or chairs and tables, further blocking the road and leaving just little space for cars and people to pass by.

The city government should ensure that the cabin owners only use the specified cabin space and do not further encroach out of their allocated space, as this is causing longer term menace to pedestrians, cars and passers by.

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