Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Credit card drop box facility - rbs bank.

All Banks offering credit card services, have a payment drop box facility.
All credit card payments are either accepted thru cheque which is to be dropped in the payment drop box or cash.
Making payment thru cash has an additional cash handling charges.

If a consumer drops a payment cheque in the drop box, he is not given any proof of deposit of payment.

If a payment is lost in the process the entire blame is put on the consumer and he is made to run from pillar to post and is asked to check the status at the branch the payment was initially dropped, and if the cheque is shown received by the branch but not presented then he is asked to contact the head office.

During all this process the entire blame is put on the card user for not making the payment on time, and no complaint is launced either by the head office or the call center, putting the entire blame to the consumer for missing the payment.

This I am telling thru a personal experience. Where my payment of Rs.435 to RBS card ending 9591 has been missed.
The shara-e-faisal branch of the bank claims to have received the cheque and have forwarded the cheque to the head office, advising me to check with the head office about the delay.

On contacting the head office I was told that the cheque was never received from the shara-e-faisal branch.

While the new month's bill has been generated and I am charged Rs. 1000 as late payment fee charge.
I am stranded by the bank as the bank will not accept my claim of having made the payment and is insisting on me that the delay has been on my part only.

I request the authorities concerned to streamline the process and the customer be issued a receipt if making the credit card payment thru cheque or some other system by which the payments are acknowledged by the bank.

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