Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imran Khan should join the government

Imran Khan's political's party Tehrik-e-Insaafs main tag line is Justice.
He idealized the view points of Mahatir Mohammad and Khan's mojor focus in on the youth of Pakistan.

I would suggest Imran Khan to join the current government -and take up the ministry of either education or sports.

Education and Sports are the two things that are directly linked to the youth of Pakistan and Education is the main backbone of any nation.

In this way he would be able to reach the masses and his target voters as he would be working for the students and youth of Pakistan either being in the sports or education ministry.

This will also help himself prove to the world and the nation that he is capable of delivering and can help him promote his party in the long run.

He idealizes Mahatir Mohammad who was first appointed as the education minister before becoming the prime minister of Malaysia.

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