Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Tax Recommendation: Inconvenience Tax

The government is looking to increase the tax revenue.
I have a suggestion for the government which can easily increase tax collection so much so that 98% of the population would be made to pay the tax.

This tax can be called "Inconvenience Tax"
Government should collect tax from the common man for all the inconveniences faced by him.

Since every citizen of Pakistan face inconvenience almost every day, this will hugely increase tax collection of the government.

People can be made to pay tax for the inconveniences faced by them on daily basis in shape and face of electricity load shedding, gas load shedding , water shortage, inconvience faced during vip movement, inconvenience faced by bomb blasts, riots and other such events. Inconvenience faced when dealing with government agencies, police, law enforcers. Inconvenience faced due to dug up roads, traffic jam, and accidents.

This tax can be collected thru utility bills. Inconvenience tax can be calculated on the total number of outages in the month, hence taxed accordingly.
Other taxes like inconvenience caused during vip movement can be charged directly to the people utilizing the inconvenience by mobile tax collection units and charging them at the time of inconvenience faced.

If government imposes these steps it can greatly increase tax collection.

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