Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bank Al Falah re-issues me, my credit card after more than 5 years.

I used to be a Bank Al Falah credit card user in their early start up days around 2004-5
At that time bank Al Falah was offering credit card with no annual fees.

I had several other bank credit cards so I was not using Al Falah credit card that much regularly.
Since the card had no annaul fee, I would rarely get their monthly bill statement.

That was also the time when banks were not using sms service.

So one day, while checking my wallet, I noticed that my credit card has expired for more than several months, and I havent received any new credit card from the bank.

Usually all banks send renewal cards well in advance.

I called up Al Falah help line, and inquired about the renewal credit card.
To my sweet surprise cum disappointment, I was told that since I have not been using credit card regularly, I am not issued a renewal credit card.

This was one of the most stupid reason I would have heard in my life time.
Generally banks would decline credit cards for not paying on time, bad credit history or other reasons, but never would decline credit card for no usage ?

Banks asked me for documents like bank statement and supporting documents, in order for me to get a new credit card.
I submitted the documents, but was later told that I do not qualify for a credit card.

I did not push the case forward and was happy using my other banks' credit cards.

So in mid 2014, one fine day I received a heavy envelope from bank Al-Falah.
I received my new credit card along with a letter, congratulating me that my credit card has been re-issued.

That was yet again a sweet surprise cum shock. More so because they did not call me or check with me if I was still alive, or living at the same address and in the sound financial condition.

I however, called the help line activated my credit card, and yet again kept it in my drawer to work as one of my backup credit card.

Lets see, when again Bank Al Falah terminates my credit card for non usage, one more time.

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