Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to (NOT) apply a new KESC electricity connection

This blog narrates my still yet continuing ordeal to get a new KESC (K-Electric) electricity connection

Last year (2013) I purchased a portion in a 3 storey building which was getting its final finishing touches.

On checking for electricity requirement for the new apartment, I was told that the new electricity connection can be installed only after the property is leased in the owner's name.

Many "agents" approached me for installation of new electricity meter at my house, claiming fast and quick processing and installation.

At that time KESC was transformed to K-electric and was running a "Azm" campaign. Looking at their new outlook, campaigns and pledge in the media, I thought i would rather apply for the new connection myself and avoid "agents"

I waited several months to get the property leased in the owner's name.

After the leasing was complete, I went to apply for new KESC connection at KESC Office tipu sultan road. It was March 2014. The process was alright , and i was given a case id.
Case id: 107676--- ( last 3 digits withheld)

I was told that a survey to the property would be made and then the case would move forward.
In few weeks time, the surveyors came and surveyed the property. So the case did move forward.

After several weeks, there was no response from KESC about the application.
I visited the KESC office to inquire and was told that since I live in a three storey building, all three occupants should apply for the new connection. I inquired why this was necessary but was not given a satisfying answer.

So now I had to purse my neighbors about their decision to apply for the new meter.
Cutting short, the ground floor neighbor applied, but I have no idea if the first floor neighbor applied as i have no contact them him.

The ground floor neighbor applied for the new connection and was given a case id:
Case Id: 107600--- (last three digits withheld)

Once again, I visited the KESC office and told them that two occupants have applied and we are not sure if the third will apply or has applied.

After little pursuation and reasoning, both me and my neighbor were issued new connection payment challan. We both paid the challan and submitted the paid copy along with the test report at the KESC office. So now new connection seemed to arrive any time.

Again weeks passed by and there was no news about new connection from KESC.
I inquired again, and was told that i have to obtain a NOC from accounts department (Because our apartment is built on a plot which was previously a residence. The builder demolished the house and constructed a three storey apartment on the same premises, so there was a meter already installed at the premises and NOC is required in such a case)

I once again visited the KESC office and submitted the copy of the paid challan to obtain the NOC from accounts department. I was told that KESC staff would visit again to check the existing meter and then issue a final bill and noc for the new installation.

Again weeks passed by and there was no response. I inquired several times and was told that the case is with the accounts department and it will only move forward once they give a noc.

So after several weeks, i received a call from KESC office that they have received my case for NOC, but this case do not belong to their area (tipu sultan) and should be referred to KESC Bahadurabad office (next to noorani, khalid bin waleed road)

So once again, visited the KESC tipu sultan office, told them about the call and so the case was referred to Bahadurabad office.

And yet again, after several weeks a person from KESC's NOC department visited and surveyed the property, and I was told that a final bill will be generated which we have to pay and then the new meteres will be installed.

And still after so many visits, the NOC department had only one case and not both the cases from our building with them. So yet again I had to submit the paid challan copy to the noc department so that noc for both the apartments can be issued.

Few more weeks have passed and I dont have a hint what has happened and i dont feel like visiting the KESC office again now.

Its now been 6 months that i applied for new connection and have visited KESC office several times, I sent several emails to them to which they would reply quickly but with the same reasons, that the case is pending, and I should visit the KESC office again.

I have sent several tweets to their official twitter account, to which yet again I received replies that their office will contact me.

In all this process, never was i told about the steps involved in the process of applying a new connection. How my application will flow and what are the steps involved.

While K-electric has tried to improve its image and have been pro-active on social media, replying to their emails and courteousness of their staff at their offices, but the backend system for a common man has not improved.

PTCL used to have similar backlogs of address and ownership verification , when applying for a new phone connection, which now they have reduced to minimal and now you can get a new ptcl land line connection by a simple CNIC copy, while K-electric has yet to devise a simple and easy procedure for a new connection.

So now I understand the reason why people prefer to work with "agents" to get a new kesc connection which gets installed at their premises with in weeks, while people like me who prefer to avoid agents are made to suffer for months. 


  1. Truly Said...I have my New Connection Application with KESC for 2 years now and couldn't secure a connection.

    An employee from KE called me and said give me 1 lac rupees and I will give you electricity within 2 days!

  2. bahi mery lia bhe dua kroo ma ny apply kia ho wah hai around 1 month ho gya chalan bhe submit kr diya survey wagehr sb ho gya hai noc wla scen chl rha hai dua kroo bahi k lag jay ma bhe pechly 5 saal say new connection k lia khoor ho raha hooo agents bhe sb jhooty hn kafi pasia barbad kia hai agents k chkr ma many pr ho wah kuch nhi sb passy kah kr bahg gay aab directly kia hai and umeed hai k new connection lag jay ga baqi allah malik hai