Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rehman Malik off-loaded from the flight to Isalambad

VIPs, MNA, bureaucrats, celebrities showing late for flight is a common sight in Pakistan, specially when they are travelling on the national carrier PIA.

People seldom show their dis-pleasure about such delays caused due to some people who think and want to be treated like a VIP.

Rehman Malik, the former interior minister of Pakistan was not allowed to board the plane by angry passengers. Where the flight was said to be delayed due to "technical reason" but passengers soon found out that it was being held and waiting for Mr. Rehman Malik.

The treatment he and the other government MNA received make headlines the world over.

What is more shameful is that despite being off loaded and thrown off the flight, both of them have not apologized to the people but have now decided to take legal action against both the airline management and the people on board the flight.

The people expected an apology from them, which was clearly heard in the video. Rather than being sorry, both the MNA and senator were adamant that the flight was not delayed because of them but due to technical reason and that they were already informed by the PIA about the delay, while 250 not so VIP passengers were made to sit and wait in the flight for more than 2 hours.

It would have made things better if Rehman Malik and MNA Ramesh would have apologized to the nation and to the people on the flight. This would have made things far easier and better for all of them.

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