Friday, March 21, 2014

maulana tariq jameel bayan at bait us salam masjid, karachi on friday 21st March 2014

I received a message about maualan tariq jameel bayan at our neighbouring bait us salam masjid.
I confirmed with a few of my friends who are in tableeghi work and thought of attending the bayan (religious lecture).

I have heard a lot about him, and have seen and heard a lot of his bayan but never seen him live.

So As expected I reached at the mosque by 12:00 pm while jumma time was 1:30 pm but the mosque was almost jam packed with lots of people still coming in herds and flocks.

The bayan finally started at 12:30 which was majorly covering pakistan's matters, way of our business and life and that we should give some time to tableegh.

The over all bayan was good and the dua after jumma prayers was one of the best i have seen in a long time.
I havent seen so many people in a jumma prayer, except for median and makkah.

There were people all around , in the mosques, basements, roofs, roads, sidelanes and any possible area where they can hear the bayan.

The dua after the jumma prayers was fine and many people were heard crying when they were making the dua.
The last time i saw so many people crying in a dua was perhaps back in 1991- 1992 in ramzan at 27th shab , at a khatm-e-taraveeh.

All was fine, however when i came out of masjid I saw people have parked their cars, bikes and rickshah in haphazzar manner, blocking lanes, streets and gates of the houses.

People were restless and honking and were not giving way to each other to pass -

Just a few moments back people were looking at peace, but as soon as they got out of the mosque, there was chaos like situation where everyone was looking to reach home first.

While not taking any thing away from the bayan, we perhaps need to work a lot on ethic and civic sense.

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