Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Talks or action against talibna / TTP: Dilemma for Pakistan. Why not have a referendum ?

For several years, politicians, people and section of media is asking for operation against taliban / ttp.
However, there is a lot of uncertainty and fear about back lash and fall out from the operation.

The same thing happened during lal masjid operation, where people and media demanded for operation against the culprits, but later start crticising the government for use of the military tactics and the way it was perforned.

When you perform an action against militants, it can go either way, with any party taking any adverse affect.

However, to remove the uncertainty among people and leaders, why not the government have a refrendum with the people of pakistan.

Lets have another election, where people of pakistan should decide if they want action against taliba or if they want talks with them.

This will pave way to several things to come and the leaders would be less under pressure and more bound to take action as they would be backed by the refrendum.

While our leaders are more reluctant to go for action for fear of back lash or facing trial in the future, once they are out of power.


Reality of Taliban / TTP : Pakistan

I think TTP / taliban is now a franchise offering . who has established its brand name - so any terrorist organization want to do any terrorism act, should do it under the francshise name of TTP . This will make tpp more fearful while the terrorists organization would go un-scathered. Goes for RAW, Russian and Afghan