Friday, December 3, 2010

Breaking News

In our tv news channel every news qualifies to be a breaking news.
There seems to be no way of selecting or knowing which news is worthy enough to be a breaking news or even a news alert.

Print newspaper cannot put all its news on the first page. The editor and his team has to select which news is good enough to make a first page news, and still which news is worthy enough to be the headline news, and which news is only good enough to give a few words mention.

On our news channels. we see at least fifty breaking news on the dailybasis.

The recent example was the statement of american president barrack obama againt the decision to award the fifa worldcup 2022 to qatar. Our major news channels ran a breaking news ticker, and even some paused their regular telecast to provide this piece of breaking news.

CNN and BBC, which is an american and a british news channel did not run any such breaking news.

We are niether interested in football. Our team is ranked more than 100 in world football ratings.
We are neither interested who hosts the worldcup, we may not go there anyway to watch it live, and we dont even know we would be alive to see the 2022 worldcup.

Our tv channels should take some advise from newspapers and should think which news is good enough to be a breaking news or a news alert or even worth running a slide on the news ticker feed.

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