Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Light Saving Time for Winter

We are a country where office business timings are determined by sunrise and sunset and not by the watch.
It is observed that majority of the business in Pakistan work till sunset or maghrib prayers.

I remember in school days when i used to visit my father's office, his office timings were usually till maghrib. It was like he would leave the office after offering the maghrib prayers be it summer or winter.

While the west observes day light saving in spring and summer.
It would be a wise idea if we Pakistanis observe the day light saving time in winters.

This will mean longer days in winter, hence more business hours but less use of electricity.
Also, people will start their day early, and will give them a chance to offer the Fajr prayers well around office and school timings.

And also since sun sets early, people tend to switch on the lights early hence using electricity for longer period of time.
Hence advancing the clock forward in winter for an hour will save that one hour of electricity usage, which can then be saved and used for summer.

May be government need to go anti-west on this strategy.

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