Friday, December 4, 2009

New pricing formula of Ariel - 60 gms and 1 kgs packs - interesting indeed.

Recently Ariel pakistan has been marketing 2 packs of ariel detergents.

60 gms for Rs. 10
and 1 kg for Rs. 199

As been the practice, the bigger packs cost lesser , however in this scenario , the smaller pack is costing lesser.

if i buy 20 pack of 60 gms @ Rs. 10 / each
this will make it 1200 gms for Rs. 200

while if i buy a single pack of 1 kg ( 1000 gms)
i am still paying 200

so buying smaller packs is more feasable than buying the bigger pack ?

Seems interesting price calculation to me, or am i missing the point somewhere ?

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