Thursday, September 17, 2009

DHA Infrastructure Charges

Recently DHA has imposed infrastructure charges on its residents on the pretext of laying new storm water drain, claiming to have spent millions of Ruppees on laying new storm water drains.

DHA has not mentioned the loss its residents had to face when they were putting down these drains.

When DHA started to put the storm water drain in our street ( Q street), the digging and drilling staff was unmindful of the underground utilities like electricity wires, gas. sewerage and water line and kept on digging without caring for the damage the digging would cause to the underground utility. Also the crane and drilling machines was inconsiderate about the overhead electricity and phone wires.

As soon as they started digging the road with the help of the machines, our underground electricity wire was damaged. Just a few meters away from the electricity wires was the gas pipe line which was uprooted. Just overhead was our telephone and cable tv wires, which were being badly stretched and pulled by the elbow / arm of the crane.

The road digging staff was without an engineer and did not have any idea of the under ground utilities that they may damage thru their mindless digging.

It was soon the neighbors intervened that the digging was stopped and the labour was forced to stop work, as they were about to damage every cable and every gas line if they continued to do so.

Till today, my underground electricity is damaged and urepaired, and I have been give a temporary overhead connection by the KESC , and to have a regular over head connection I have to submit a new application with the KESC and have to pay charges for wire and pole which would amount to approximately Rs. 25000.

One of my telephone is still out of order and unrepaired till todate.
Our family had to go thru severe mental torture as result of damaged electricity cable, damaged gas line and damaged phone line.
Who is going to pay for the losses which we have gone thru both financially and mentally ?

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