Wednesday, December 15, 2010

script virus on website - or website getting virus message on google result

In the recent past I have noticed a lot of my hosted websites getting a virus notification on the google search result, and even getting a virus alert when browsing thru firefox or chrome.

I have spent hours to fix this problem , and know that a lot of people must be having the same problem.

The virus doest not only infect html files, but even php , asp , js and css files, and even created some dummy files in the images folder of the website.

this virus is not caught thru norton antivurs, however avg, avast etc are quick to find and block it, but norton continues to be irresponisive to this virus.

i noticed that some script codes are written either in the head tag of the website or after the html tag of the website.

usually we think that hosting server is infected.
No , it is not.

We think someone has hacked the site.
Not really, but yes it is the problem.

Here is my findings and ways of updating it:

It is highly likely that your system has been compromised by a trojan , spyware, which resides in ur system , and whenever you connect to a ftp site , it stores its information and then uses it without you knowing it -
so even when you think that the ftp program is closed, what the virus does is that is uses the username / password information from that ftp program and auto uploads the virus codes into your website.

usually the virus code is in the < HEAD > tag or just after the < HTML > tag closing.
some times its an iframe coding , linking to an external site, and some times its a unix eval script code.

So what you first need to do is clean your system.
changing your ftp passwords wont help as it will keep coming back, no matter what password you keep.

you can check for malware / spy bots thru :
malware bytes - (google the name )this is a good spyware removal tool , and works most of the time.

Once you are sure that the trojan has been removed, the second task is to re-upload the site.

But first you need to delete all the contents on the existing site, even the images and other folders , which you think the virus might not have infected.
delete all html , php , asp , js , css and every other file includng the images folder and others.

May be ask your hosting provider to delete the account and re-create it , or you should delete all the files on your hosting , including images, js and css files.

re-upload the website.
monitor the site for a few days by ftping again and then downloading the files from the server and then checking the code of the website, usually in the head or after html tag.

if the virus tag is still there, then your system is not clean yet.
you seriosuly shoul consider formatting the system and installing a fresh copy.

if the virus is not there, then you are clean.
you need to tell google that your website is clean.
go to and create an account,
login and submit your site to google webmaster -
verify that you are the ower of the site , thru several of the ways google suggests that you should verify that you are the rightful owner.

once you have verified that you are the owner, you will see that your site is accepted , but a red head line is shown , showing that the website is infected .
click MAKE A REQUEST link and make a request that your website is clean.
google will remove the virus noice from search results in 2 days time at most.

If your site is infected and you want to remove the virus code from all the files, consider using a "fine / replace " utility.
this will find the text you will write , and replace it with the new code you will write.

I have experiened that the virus code on all the pages is the same, so you will need to use a simple find and replace utility which will find the virus coding from allt he files and delete it .

I have used "simple search / replace" utility , which is pretty fast and easy to use.
You can tell the program which files to search for, and which text to search for and which text to replace it with .

the program then does it in just a minute , so you are saved from going into each file, finding the code and uploading it again.

hope this will help.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Breaking News

In our tv news channel every news qualifies to be a breaking news.
There seems to be no way of selecting or knowing which news is worthy enough to be a breaking news or even a news alert.

Print newspaper cannot put all its news on the first page. The editor and his team has to select which news is good enough to make a first page news, and still which news is worthy enough to be the headline news, and which news is only good enough to give a few words mention.

On our news channels. we see at least fifty breaking news on the dailybasis.

The recent example was the statement of american president barrack obama againt the decision to award the fifa worldcup 2022 to qatar. Our major news channels ran a breaking news ticker, and even some paused their regular telecast to provide this piece of breaking news.

CNN and BBC, which is an american and a british news channel did not run any such breaking news.

We are niether interested in football. Our team is ranked more than 100 in world football ratings.
We are neither interested who hosts the worldcup, we may not go there anyway to watch it live, and we dont even know we would be alive to see the 2022 worldcup.

Our tv channels should take some advise from newspapers and should think which news is good enough to be a breaking news or a news alert or even worth running a slide on the news ticker feed.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Preschool, nursery teachers

Through out our life we are thankful to many people who influence us. Teachers being one of them.
We remember the teachers who helped us understand science or math or English etc, but we are rarely thankful or remember the teachers who taught us in our toddler / pre-nursery age.

These were the teachers who taught us to recognize letters, digits, colors, shapes and more. These have been the teachers who have understood us when we were barely able to talk or explain.

They have tolerated us when we have created nuisannace in the class, when we were not even potty trained and would mess up the class, they have shown extreme patience and humbleness.

For all the people we are thankful in life, we barely thank, remember or recognize the teachers who have taught us in pre-school.
These have been the real teachers who laid our foundation, which then helped us excel and progress in life.

I would like to thank all the pre-school teachers, who continue to show extreme patience and resilience in teaching toddlers.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pakistan's currency, economy and Afghanistan's

It amazed me to find out that Afghanistan's currency is priced at Rs. 1.80.
1 Afghania's exchange rate is at Rs. 1.80

Afghanistan is a country ravaged by war, and is at war. The country collapsed after America invaded it and now re-building it.
It amazes me how quickly the country's currency has bounced back. Which is one of the few signs of economic progress.

We are also a front line state against terrorism but our currency hasnot gotten stronger, but on the contrary our currency has devalued 30% over the last four years.
Whatever are our country's problems, I am sure they are not more than that of Afghanistan's which has re-build itself from scratch and to whom we offer port and many other trade and transit facilities.

Countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been considered to rely on support of Pakistan, but both the currencies and economies seems to be progressing at quicker rate than anticipated.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

China - progressing without english

A few months back I visited China, and reaslized the world can progress and advance in technology and other areas without particularly knowing English.
As it dawned on me, everything there was in their own language. The only thing I can understand and read there was numbers and digits.
They did not understand English, which is said to the universal language and the only way of communication was the sign language.

Ever since my childhood I have been studying and learning in English, as it was deemed necessary for my existance and well being and for getting better opportunities in life.
My parents and my teachers have often told me that I could not progress in life if I do not excel in English. Every subject in my academic life was in English, so much so that I couldnot understand the majority of the subjects and would only cram them to pass in Exams. Life without English was unthinkable.

There was no or very little sign of English in China, and still it has continued to dominate the world in every way. It is now the second super power of the world.
Train stations, bus stations, building names, hoardings, visting cards all were in their native language.

We are tilting toward English, neglecting our national language and hence we are neither excelling in English nor in our native language.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Anti-semetism , freedom of expression

When u attack black ppl, They call it "Racism", When u attack Jewish ppl, They call it "Anti-semetism", When u attack Women, They call it "Gender discrimination", When u attack Homosexuality, They call it "Intolerance", When u attack your Country, They call it "Treason", When u attack a Religious sect, they call it "Hate speech", But when They attack Prophet Mohemmed (P.B.U.H), They call it " Freedom of Expression"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fixing the fixture.

In the match fixing and spot-fixing allegation by the tabloid news of the world, several information bits were revealed by the alleged match fixer Mazhar Majeed, including the result of the Sydney Test of 2009 - 2010 , the match results of the Asia Cup and the forecast of the first two one days against england.

ICC nor the police has made any investigation in the first two one days which England Won, and which was also alleged by the book maker mazhar majeed that Pakistan would loose.

ICC was quick to ban the three pakistani cricketers from all sort of cricket.
However, niether the Cricket Australian nor the ICC has shown any real willingness in investigating the sydney test match or to change the result of the test match as suspected or under the investigation.

ICC has not carried our any investigation in Pakistan loosing the first two one days against england which the book maker mazhar majeed alleged pakistani will loose.

However, inquiry only started when pakistan won the third one day.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

raising up a child - the right approach.

A few days ago, I was dropping my son to his school.
As I came back to my car and was reversing the car, a child from no where came walking behind my car, such that he was not visible in the rear or side view mirrors. His height was too short to be seen in the rear view mirror.

His parents were standing on either side of the car, allowing the kid enough luxury and confidence to walk on his own , unaware that the car was reversring.

Finally the father patted my car to caution me about his son walking behind my car.
He then came over to my driving side and had a word with me, telling me that I should have seen the child walking behind my car, and should have stopped.

I had no way of seeing such a small child walking behind my car.
I told the father that he should have taken care of his son, as he is too young to be let alone , walking in the parking area.

As we finished our little conversation, I reversed my car and was about to drive away, I saw the father taking his son in his arms , and telling him if me (uncle) would have hit him with his car, he would have broken my car , and would have beaten me too.

This left me in a state of shock as to how we are upbringing our newer generation, and what education and ethics we are parting them.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Spot Fixing and Bob Woolmer

When ever there is a terrorist activity or attack anywhere around the world, it is link with Taliban and Al Qaeda.
Similarly, any match fixing allegating is linked with Pakistan and Pakistani players.

Bob Woolmer died after Pakistan lost the match with Scotland in world cup 2007. The Indian and the british media, specially the british media which flew to the carribean from the UK to cover this story was pressing hard to ascertain that Bob Woolmer was killed by Pakistani players who had a scuffle with him, or that he had links with book makers and he was killed by book makers.

Later it was ascertained that the he indeed died due to heart attack.

On the cricket field, Pakistan has a history of incidents with England starting from Imran Khan's ball tampering, illicit relationship with a british woman, Imran Khan and Bothom battle, Mike Getting and Shakoor Rana incident, ball tampering allegations on wasim and waqar, the forfieting of oval test in 2006 and now the recent spot fixing allegation.

These are still accusation but a major section of the media has already given their verdict and have already accused the players of match fixing.

If Pakistan comes out clean this time, it should be made sure that no such allegation are levelled against Pakistan, and Pakistan should file the biggest defamation case in the history of the world for playing with the sentiments of the Pakistani cricketers and the pakistani nation.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bank holiday on first Ramazan.

Over the years banks have been observing a holiday on 1st of ramazan on account of zakat deduction from account holders' accounts.
This was a practice when bank accounts were maintained manually in ledgers and books and there was no computerization, hence calculating and deducting zakat from the accounts was a tedious task.

Cant in this age of computerization, a simple program can be developed and run to deduct 2.5% zakat from all saving accounts who have a balance threshold required to pay zakat ?

With the type of complex tasks being done with computers these days, I am pretty confident that this excercise would not take more than an hour to run on all the accounts, and hence a day's holiday can be avoided.

Friday, August 6, 2010

self exiled and travelling

As has been the practice, many of our politicians, beaurecrats and other top brass live in self exile to avoid arrest and cases against them.
They are labeled as proclaimed offenders and continue to be absent from the court, opting to live in another country for several years.

Yet these people continue to travel around the world throughout their exile period.
Presumably they would be requiring a Pakistani Passport to enable them to travel.

What is more interesting is that these people can get Passports from the Pakistani Embassies abroad, while they are still labeled as offenders back home in Pakistan.

Cant the government put a check and ban all offenders who are living in self exile from obtaining passports from Pakistani missions abroad ?
So that they could not travel elsewhere in the world, and would have to be forced to return to Pakistan to obtain their fresh passports ?

If they are offenders in Pakistan, then the government should ensure that such offenders do not get hold of the Pakistani Passports while living abroad ?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Credit card drop box facility - rbs bank.

All Banks offering credit card services, have a payment drop box facility.
All credit card payments are either accepted thru cheque which is to be dropped in the payment drop box or cash.
Making payment thru cash has an additional cash handling charges.

If a consumer drops a payment cheque in the drop box, he is not given any proof of deposit of payment.

If a payment is lost in the process the entire blame is put on the consumer and he is made to run from pillar to post and is asked to check the status at the branch the payment was initially dropped, and if the cheque is shown received by the branch but not presented then he is asked to contact the head office.

During all this process the entire blame is put on the card user for not making the payment on time, and no complaint is launced either by the head office or the call center, putting the entire blame to the consumer for missing the payment.

This I am telling thru a personal experience. Where my payment of Rs.435 to RBS card ending 9591 has been missed.
The shara-e-faisal branch of the bank claims to have received the cheque and have forwarded the cheque to the head office, advising me to check with the head office about the delay.

On contacting the head office I was told that the cheque was never received from the shara-e-faisal branch.

While the new month's bill has been generated and I am charged Rs. 1000 as late payment fee charge.
I am stranded by the bank as the bank will not accept my claim of having made the payment and is insisting on me that the delay has been on my part only.

I request the authorities concerned to streamline the process and the customer be issued a receipt if making the credit card payment thru cheque or some other system by which the payments are acknowledged by the bank.

Nigerian Film Industry - third largest in the world.

It was hard to believe but true. Nigerian Film Industry is the thrid largest film industry in the world.
While watching National Geographic the other day it was revealed on me that Lagos has only one cinema but still Nigeria is the third largest film industry of the world.

The filmmakers do not make the films specifically for the box office, but directly release the film on CDs and DVDs so people can watch it in their homes even.

The cameras and equipments they have are out dated and they do not try to copy from Hollywood or any other films but have their own stories based on their own social and culturals factors. Making a Nigerian movie costs an average of US$ 25000

While we find our filmmakers complaining about decreasing number of cinemas and the indian movies being released on box office and on DVDs hurting the cause of the local cinema.

May be its time to think out of the box and release the movie on box office and on CD at the same time.
With so many TV channels available, it wont be a big ask to market their movie thru the tv channels and tempt the viewer on buying the locally realease movie on dvd.

It is also to be understood that watching movie in cinema is not easy. A family of 5 will have to spend an average of Rs. 1000 to just watch the movie, while the entertainment that goes with the movie is a separate entity.

While the competition with Indian movies cannot be ignored, but trying to go out of the box may pay off.

city government road side cabins - karachi

The city government in good faith, introduced road side cabins to accommodate street vendors, to have a better looking, proper space for their business. This was as good as legalizing their road side business by giving them a proper place to conduct business.

These roadside cabins are already built on footpaths, which hinder the movement of pedestrians who wish to use the footpath and hence have to walk on the road.

The cabin owners have started abusing the space allocated to them, by encroaching at least 5 feet further out of their cabins, putting their shop stuff like display counters or chairs and tables, further blocking the road and leaving just little space for cars and people to pass by.

The city government should ensure that the cabin owners only use the specified cabin space and do not further encroach out of their allocated space, as this is causing longer term menace to pedestrians, cars and passers by.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook banned in Pakistan till 31st May 2010

Facebook is banned in Pakistan till 31st May 2010.
So all the facebook addicts will have to start to learn ti live without facebook or may be turn to some other similar site.

So the presence of pakistani community on facebook would be at minimum.

Friday, April 23, 2010

No neck tie and coats - save electricity

Government of Pakistan and private sector should look upon two more measures to ease up pressure on the electricity.
That is neck tie and coats / blazers in offices in summer.

Since neck tie tend to tie around the person's neck, it greatly increases persons requirement for more air and space.
So is the case with the coats and blazers, which when worn in the summer will make the person feel warm and would increase the requirement to keep in cool / air conditioned environment.

The dress code for summer should be halfsleeves shirts, with open neck button to ease up the summer heat.
Kurta shalwar can be a great alternate as it allows fair enough air around the body and dress.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Light Saving Time for Winter

We are a country where office business timings are determined by sunrise and sunset and not by the watch.
It is observed that majority of the business in Pakistan work till sunset or maghrib prayers.

I remember in school days when i used to visit my father's office, his office timings were usually till maghrib. It was like he would leave the office after offering the maghrib prayers be it summer or winter.

While the west observes day light saving in spring and summer.
It would be a wise idea if we Pakistanis observe the day light saving time in winters.

This will mean longer days in winter, hence more business hours but less use of electricity.
Also, people will start their day early, and will give them a chance to offer the Fajr prayers well around office and school timings.

And also since sun sets early, people tend to switch on the lights early hence using electricity for longer period of time.
Hence advancing the clock forward in winter for an hour will save that one hour of electricity usage, which can then be saved and used for summer.

May be government need to go anti-west on this strategy.

Day Light Saving Time for Winter

We are a country where office business timings are determined by sunrise and sunset and not by the watch.
It is observed that majority of the business in Pakistan work till sunset or maghrib prayers.

I remember in school days when i used to visit my father's office, his office timings were usually till maghrib. It was like he would leave the office after offering the maghrib prayers be it summer or winter.

While the west observes day light saving in spring and summer.
It would be a wise idea if we Pakistanis observe the day light saving time in winters.

This will mean longer days in winter, hence more business hours but less use of electricity.
Also, people will start their day early, and will give them a chance to offer the Fajr prayers well around office and school timings.

And also since sun sets early, people tend to switch on the lights early hence using electricity for longer period of time.
Hence advancing the clock forward in winter for an hour will save that one hour of electricity usage, which can then be saved and used for summer.

May be government need to go anti-west on this strategy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Tax Recommendation: Inconvenience Tax

The government is looking to increase the tax revenue.
I have a suggestion for the government which can easily increase tax collection so much so that 98% of the population would be made to pay the tax.

This tax can be called "Inconvenience Tax"
Government should collect tax from the common man for all the inconveniences faced by him.

Since every citizen of Pakistan face inconvenience almost every day, this will hugely increase tax collection of the government.

People can be made to pay tax for the inconveniences faced by them on daily basis in shape and face of electricity load shedding, gas load shedding , water shortage, inconvience faced during vip movement, inconvenience faced by bomb blasts, riots and other such events. Inconvenience faced when dealing with government agencies, police, law enforcers. Inconvenience faced due to dug up roads, traffic jam, and accidents.

This tax can be collected thru utility bills. Inconvenience tax can be calculated on the total number of outages in the month, hence taxed accordingly.
Other taxes like inconvenience caused during vip movement can be charged directly to the people utilizing the inconvenience by mobile tax collection units and charging them at the time of inconvenience faced.

If government imposes these steps it can greatly increase tax collection.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imran Khan should join the government

Imran Khan's political's party Tehrik-e-Insaafs main tag line is Justice.
He idealized the view points of Mahatir Mohammad and Khan's mojor focus in on the youth of Pakistan.

I would suggest Imran Khan to join the current government -and take up the ministry of either education or sports.

Education and Sports are the two things that are directly linked to the youth of Pakistan and Education is the main backbone of any nation.

In this way he would be able to reach the masses and his target voters as he would be working for the students and youth of Pakistan either being in the sports or education ministry.

This will also help himself prove to the world and the nation that he is capable of delivering and can help him promote his party in the long run.

He idealizes Mahatir Mohammad who was first appointed as the education minister before becoming the prime minister of Malaysia.

Friday, February 19, 2010

National Language Authority ?

The caption for the photo somewhere read "National Language Authority Chairman"
By National Language Authority, I assume that this is some thing relating to Urdu Language.

If that is the case then this is very unfortunate that we cannot come up with urdu names for such organizations.
Why have an english name for an organization that is trying to promote urdu language. Wont an urdu name have a better effect and a better meaning to the organizations efforts and goals ?

Next in line can be the organization for "Society for the promotion of Urdu"

Same is the scenario with "Urdu Dictionary Board" which has the duty to set up a urdu dictionary but itself is named in english.

People talk of saving the urdu national language, but how can this be achieved if they name their own society and organizations in english.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hamid Mir Knows every thing

On the day when Pakistani players were snubbed by the IPL, a sports channel in its nightly program called Hamid Mir to know about his views on the snubbing of Pakistani Players.

Hamid Mir revealed that a day before the auction he received a call from some high up in India and he did tell him that pakistani players would be snubbed and that it was all pre planned and he already knew it.

This reminded me of atleast two more instances where Hamid Mir revealed that he already knew that this incident would happen.

One was on the day on 9/11, where he claimed that he was sitting in his office when some one from Al Qaeda came to his office and stayed there in his office on the pretext that he has some thing special to tell Hamid Mir, and as soon the terrorist attacked happened the person handed over Hamid Mir a letter, claiming to be from Osama Bin Laden.

Second such instance was on the occassion of Pakistan reaching the 1999 cricket world cup final.
Where Hamid Mir claimed that a day before the final he was sitting with some high ups and ministers and they informed him that the final was fixed and Pakistan will loose the final.

If Hamid Mir has been knowing so much in advance why didnt he report that before the incident happened ? His channel and he himself is being knows for breaking the news and doing insights and revealing stories ?
Why didnt he cover or report these incidents ? and kept them to himself only to reveal it later ?
Is justice being done to journalism ?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Even Israel Premier Cricket League would have bought Pakistani player :)

Pakistan has been fighting other peoples war, while being continued to be snubbed by the same people.
The latest case has been the snubbing of Pakistani Players at the hand of IPL.

We have been fighting India's war on many fronts.

Our film distributors have been buying Indian Films and filming them in the local cinemas and Cineplex's by buying exclusive rights for the movie and threatening to take action against the people who sell the movie on DVD or run onthe cable TV network in Pakistan.

Our TV Channels telecasting Indian Film and TV Awards ceremonies, by buying exclusive rights from award organizers, and then issuing threats to people in Pakistan that they are the exclusive right holders of the event and no other party or channel can telecast the show, else would have to face the penalty or imprisonment.

Our Sports Channel buying exclusive rights for the ICL, IPL and other events and yet again issuing warning to the people in Pakistan.

In all the cases the winner have been the India, who have sold the rights for their movies, award ceremonies, sports and other such events, while we have continued to fight their war by taking action against our own people.

The latest episode of IPL snubbing should be an eye opener for all the people in Pakistan who have always believed that relationships with Indian can improve.